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Thinking through Drawing

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The Role of Drawing in Kindergarteners’ Science Observations 

A nice study: Although some scientists believe that scientific observation skills are discipline-specific, public school science curricula for many American states require teachers to begin teaching children to observe scientific phenomena in kindergarten. This study examines the role that drawing played as 15 kindergarteners drew their observations of live animals in the classroom and then …

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Austin’s Butterfly 

This link was shared with us by Rhonda Berkower at The Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, a "Drawing across the Curriculum" participating school--  its a wonderful example of how Expeditionary Learning Schools use multiple drafts and peer critique to cultivate excellence Austin's Butterfly video A series of drafts of a scientific illustration of a …

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Drawing through a Microscope 

This is a wonderful example of  seamless art/science integration, designed by  Drawing Across the Curriculum  participating teacher, Michael Anderson at Escuela Campo Alegre, in Caracas, Venezuela. Art Through a Microscope (click  here to see slideshow of student work) Science 6 As part of their Cell Biology unit, sixth-grade students work with the microscope to study …

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Drawing across the curriculum  ☆

This project supports collaboration between art teachers and university researchers to identify, analyze, assess and disseminate instructional methods that utilize drawing to promote trans-disciplinary creative and critical thinking and serve diverse populations. Drawing is chosen as a focus because of its broad application within and beyond the visual arts, as well as its accessibility to students and schools with …

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