International Drawing and Cognition Research

Interdisciplinary research conducted by members of the International Drawing and Cognition Reseach network suggests that our growing understanding of the cognitive skills involved in drawing can be put to practical use across various arenas, from the K-12 classroom to the training of surgeons. This research was presented at the first Thinking through Drawing
symposium at Teachers College in the fall of 2011, and the second at the University of the Arts in London, UK in the fall of 2012. The symposia brought together artists, performers, cognitive scientists, medical practitioners, philosophers and art educators to consider the relationships
between drawing and cognition. Researchers across geographical and disciplinary borders addressed how recent findings from cognitive psychology and neurosciences can inform arts education, with a particular emphasis on drawing. The mix of practitioners, researchers and scholars from the arts and cognitive sciences made the interchanges challenging, exciting and
forward-looking. Resulting publications have garnered much critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.